5 Effective Recruitment Strategies for the IT Space

People who rank among the top talent in IT don’t have to try very hard to find a new job. Their potential employers, on the other hand, need a powerful recruiting strategy to get their attention.

Otherwise, business leaders risk losing the chance to hire a valuable asset. If you’ve found yourself in this position over and over, it’s time to try something new.

Here are five recruitment strategies that are sure to reach the IT talent you need.

1. Gamification

If you’re looking for an experienced software specialist, you have to speak this person’s language. Outdated flyers and traditional emails won’t do. Try using gamification instead.

Invite candidates to show you their skills in a software-based competition. You can center the event around coding, cybersecurity, app development, or IT management processes. It can be anything and everything related to the role IT plays in business. To be the most effective, create an event that highlights the role you need to fill.

Then, engage with the competitors. Get to know the people behind the resumes and accomplishments, as one of them may be your new employee.

2. Fast, Simple Onboarding

The time between you create a job opening, meet candidates, and bring someone on needs to be fast. No one likes to wait to start a new job, especially when they know how much their time is worth.

Top talent isn’t going to wait around for you. As such, make sure you stress the opportunity to dive right in when posting jobs and conducting interviews.

3. Posting on Niche Job Sites

Another thing to know about the best IT personnel is that it’s not their first rodeo. These people aren’t going to your website to look for a job, and they’re not searching on generic job sites either.

Instead, they’re doing their job research on niche career sites – and they may be doing it for fun. Not all top employees are ready to leave where they’re at because something new comes around. You’re going to have to get creative to get their attention.

4. University Recruiting

Here’s something to think about: sometimes, the best talent in the IT space is still fresh. It’s worth investing some time and effort into university recruiting. This may lead you to one of the most valuable employees in your department.

Young talent is eager to learn and grow. These people are employees you can mold to fit your culture and minds you can encourage to push the limits. Plus, university recruiting is a great resource if you’re looking for exceptional talent on a budget.

5. Internal Hiring

The final recruitment method to consider using is internal hiring. You don’t always need to fight for the talent that’s “out there” to get the quality you need. There are situations when it’s better to promote within than to look elsewhere.

Keep this in the back of your mind the next time an IT hiring need presents itself.

Discover the Most Effective Recruitment Strategies for Your Business

It’s one thing to read about smart recruitment strategies in the IT space and another to realize what works best for you. Remember, where your company operates, and the local job market plays a role in the talent available to you. The technology services you provide, the size of your business, and your company’s culture affect the hiring process as well.

If you need to reach new employees right away, though, click here to learn how we can help you fill the open positions on your team.


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