Top 4 Interesting Facts About the IT Industry

For those not a part of it, the IT industry can seem intimidating and confusing. Facts about software engineering can be hard to come by.

But what actually goes on in this industry?

If you’re intrigued by the many mysteries of the world of software engineering, keep reading for the most interesting software engineering facts you need to know!

The Industry Is Growing

Along with construction, the IT industry is the fastest growing industry in the world. There are more coders, more jobs, and more integrative technologies than ever before in 2018.

The main reason IT is growing so fast is that, as an industry, it spans across all sectors. For instance: the food and hospitality industry doesn’t have a whole lot to do with the construction industry, so there’s not much overlap there.

What the food and hospitality industry does need, however, is technological services like websites and digital marketing. Every industry needs IT in 2018.

There Are Multiple Ways to Break into It

If you’re just starting out as a beginning coder, don’t fret if you don’t have a degree in Computer Science. There are tons of ways to break into the field before you seek out a formal education.

You can teach yourself by reading relevant blog posts and watching YouTube videos. You can also sign up for coding boot camps which teach you everything you need to know in a short amount of time.

The point is that employers seeking coders don’t necessarily care about your formal education. All they care about are your skills as a coder, and there are tons of ways to gain those in the digital ecology we live in today.

There’s a Big Gender Gap

The gender gap is one of the most important industry facts out there today. Women hold only 25% of senior-level roles in the IT industry and only 37% of entry-level roles. There’s even a pay gap in multiple cities across America.

…and it’s 2018.

If you’re a woman wanting to get into the IT industry, don’t let this intimidate you or stop you from breaking in. Become the best, and show employers that your sex has nothing to do with your intelligence or skills in tech.

Show up and break that glass ceiling, ladies.

There Are Many Niches

It’s not all writing computer code and programming complex software language. There are tons of other niches in the IT industry you can break into. Here are just a few:

  • Programming
  • Developing
  • Engineering
  • Full-stack
  • Database Administration
  • UX/UI design

If writing computer software sounds no fun, you can get into app development. You can design and create websites. You can work with other coders to design user experiences.

The sky is the limit!

Your Career In the IT Industry

Now that you’ve read up on interesting facts about technology today, you’re probably ready to dive into a new career in the IT industry, stat! It’s time to get learning!

Have questions? We’ve got answers. Get in touch to talk shop– we can help you find the coding career of your dreams!


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