How it Works

Making money by matching green badge employees to their perfect job has never been easier.

1. Search

First, click on “Search Jobs” to access our sophisticated engine. You can search by keyword, location, clearance level (Secret, Top Secret, Confidential), and/or job type (full time, part time).


2. Share or Submit

If you have a candidate in mind (or if you are the candidate!), submit his or her information now. If not, just click “Share” to post the job listing on the social media platform of your choice.

3. Cash Out

When someone gets hired from your referral, you’ll get paid up to 8% of their starting salary– an average of about $15,000 dollars! The percentage you’ll get depends on whether you were a “direct” or “indirect” referral--see our pricing structure below for details.


Who is GreenBadgers For?

Job Candidates

People who have green badge clearance, and are looking for a new job. Just find a job listing and enter your own information as the “candidate.”


Professional recruiters can submit their candidate’s information and make an 8% commission, without any of the hassle of coordinating interviews, and speaking to employers.


Private employers in the intelligence communities looking for clearance-holding employees. Click below to learn more about finding employees through GreenBadgers.

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Pricing Structure

Company XYZ is hiring a Software Engineer
 Salary: $150,000


Direct Referral

If you directly submit a candidate’s information, or if a candidate gets hired by clicking on one of your social media job posts.

8% of First Year Starting Salary

With an average starting salary of $150,000, that comes out to an average of $12,000.

Indirect Referral

If another recruiter signs up from your referral and a candidate they submit it hired.

1% of First Year Starting Salary

With an average starting salary of $150,000, that comes out to an average of $1,500.

Getting Paid

Once a candidate gets hired from your referral it usually takes about 3 months, per industry standard, for recruiting commissions to be distributed. As soon we receive a commission from the employer, we’ll send you a check for your portion!